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Rules are made for a reason, but some rules are meant to be broken.

After dropping out of NYU, moving across the country, and spending the last two years as the co-owner of a successful activewear brand, Mackenzie Jean has decided it’s time to go back to school. Does she want to finish her degree? Absolutely. But enrolling at Michigan State University is about so much more. Somewhere along the way, she lost herself in the fog of her anxiety, and it’s time she rediscovers who she is.

Aiden Fuller is an MSU hockey standout set to embark on his senior season. He’s flying high, all of his dreams within reach, until a seemingly harmless dare from his teammates ends with Aiden staring down a ten-game suspension. Now, he’s terrified he’s on the verge of losing the one thing in his life that means the most to him.

When a chance encounter during Welcome Weekend pulls Kenzie and Aiden into each other’s orbits, suddenly all the rules they’ve carefully laid out for their lives seem to be hindering more than helping.

Can Aiden be a safe place for Kenzie, a place where her mind is at rest and she can simply be? And will Kenzie help Aiden realize he can have it all—the game and the girl?

Every Rule Worth Breaking is a steamy college hockey romance with plenty of swoon, mental health rep, and a happily ever after. It's the first book in the Pregame series but can be read as a standalone.


This book features an anxiety-ridden main character who suffers from several—some small, some larger—on-page anxiety and panic attacks. Please take care of yourself while reading. As a sufferer of anxiety myself, Kenzie's mental health struggles are modeled after my own. I know anxiety isn't one size fits all, but I hope those of you who also struggle see yourselves in her and on these pages. And please, don't hesitate to reach out to chat if you need to.

There is also strong language and explicit sexual content.



Sometimes, you don't find love.
Sometimes, love finds you.

Three and a half years ago, Jack DeLuca and Jessica Daniels met in Cancun, Mexico on spring break. They connected instantly, and they spent four magical days—and nights—together.

But when that week was over, so was the strong—but admittedly ill-advised—relationship they’d built. In order to protect themselves, and see their futures pan out the way they had always planned, Jack and Jessica had to let each other go.

Now, and entirely unbeknownst to them, Jack and Jessica are both seniors at Michigan State, and the universe is about to bring them back together.

Only…not in the way they expect.

Jessica is in a long-term relationship, and Jack has recently started seeing someone he really cares about.

However, when they re-enter each other’s lives, it’s impossible to deny that old spark is still there, and fate is begging them to fan the coals of their once-burning connection. Will they give in, or will they let the fire go out once and for all?

A Heart Worth Finding is a steamy, second chance college hockey romance told in dual POV and dual timeline. It's the second book in the Pregame series, but can be read as a standalone.


This book contains underage drinking (on spring break in Mexico, where it is legal). Both main characters are also in relationships to start the book, but those relationships end before they get together, so there is no cheating.

There is also strong language, and explicit sexual content.

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